Bestowed Subscription Review- August 2014

Bestowed Subscription Box Review-  August 2014

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What: Bestowed

Bestowed is a monthly subscription box that sends healthy foods, snacks and lifestyle/health products. Celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer curates the boxes.

Cost: $19/per month. Right now, you get 1st box free with an annual subscription.

Like most subscription boxes, an info card is included explaining the products and why they were selected. This month’s theme was about end of summer/beginning of school and portable snacks. These are snacks that make “going back to school easier for kids/adults.”

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First look at the August box!

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Here’s what was included in the box:

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Funley’s Super Crackers: 2 single serving packs. These are just little snack crackers…they’re pretty good and 100% natural.

Good Green Bars: 1 bar (chocolate raspberry flavored). This bar contains probiotics and DHA Omega 3’s and is organic and vegan. Taste- pretty good.

Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips: 1 single serving bag (Hot & Spicy flavored). O.K. so I was pretty excited about these as I love seaweed and soy and anything spicy. They are all natural, non-GMO, sustainably farmed and gluten-free. But after trying them, I just could not stomach them- the flavor was simply not for me.

Orgain Kids Nutritional Shake: 1 serving (chocolate flavored). Haven’t tried this yet- it essentially looks like chocolate milk and I’m pretty sure my husband will drink it 🙂 It’s organic, gluten-free and is made from 10 different fruits, veggies and brown rice.

Plum Organics Mashups: 1 serving (berry flavored). My husband thinks it’s gross that I like these things, but I do. I think they are probably geared to kids, but I’ve been known to keep them in my desk drawer at work and suck them down on days that I’m so busy I can barely find time to eat.

Coupons for Free Items: Maia Yogurt & Suja Juice and $1 off coupons for a couple of other things. (can be used at Whole Foods, Super Target, Safeway)

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3 Bonus Items:

Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap: 2 fl oz. (Lemon Verbena scent).  I actually use this brand sometimes, so was happy to see a little bottle of this in here. It’s great stuff- smells really good.

Sunburn Relief gel/lotion: 2 fl oz. Another item I can always use- I live in Florida and no matter how much/how often you apply your sunscreen, every now again you get a burn. This will come in handy some day, I have no doubt.

Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters: 1 single serving size. I’m eating these now and happy to report that they are delicious 🙂 I would buy these again.

Overall opinion: Bestowed is an interesting box. This month there were lots of different things, but none of them blew me away. I love that this box is usually full of organic/non-GMO/natural products, that’s why I signed up for it, bu these just didn’t appeal to me necessarily. I think it’s a great box for someone who wants to experiment with snacks. Especially good for moms who want to try some things out on their kids. I’m also used to subscription boxes blowing me away with the value of the products vs. the price I paid, but I wouldn’t really say that about this month’s box.

What did you think of this month’s Bestowed Box?

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