Best. Snack. Ever.

DSC02130 (2)Oh my goodness folks. This caramel popcorn is like crack. It’s ridiculous. I got a bag of the Chicago Mix, which is 1/2 cheesy popcorn and 1/2 caramel popcorn, in my POPSUGAR Must Have box a couple of months ago. (the combo sounds strange, but trust me when I say it totally works)

Kevin and I opened it one night while watching a movie and we couldn’t get over how it good was. Then last week I saw at the grocery store that you can now buy “just cheese” or “just caramel” if you don’t want the combo and I almost broke out in dance. I made the mistake of buying a bag of these little nuggets of pure heaven and we proceeded to eat them immediately. Again. Now I’m going to have to avoid that aisle entirely.

P.S. No, I am not paid by G.H.Cretors they just happen to make the most amazing popcorn I’ve ever eaten and I just had to share.

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