Beauty Army Subscription Box Review- August 2014

Beauty Army Subscription Box Review- August 2014


What: Beauty Army

Beauty Army is a monthly subscription box that allows you to choose 6 of your own samples. You put in your hair/skin/color preferences along with the type of products you want to choose from (i.e. make-up, hair, skin, perfume, nails, etc.)  You can also select the types of concerns you may have. (i.e. dull skin, acne, redness, dry hair, clogged pores, etc.)  Each month different samples are available to choose from, but you can also skip a month if you don’t like the selections.

Over the past few months I’ve learned a couple of tricks when it comes to Beauty Army- 1) If you don’t like your options, keep refreshing your browser. It’ll change-up your choices until you find something you like. 2) Change your preferences in your profile- so instead of saying that I have light brown hair, medium skin tone and prefer natural make up, I’ll switch it up to say that I am a platinum blonde, have porcelain skin and love dramatic make up 🙂 (you get the idea) Don’t worry- you’re picking all of your own samples…this just makes the site show you different colors/products.

If you don’t mind taking the time the play around and spend some time finding the right samples, then it’s a pretty good subscription box. Sometimes the samples are small foil packets and sometimes they are larger, deluxe samples. It really just depends…

Cost: $12/per month (for 6 samples)

Here is what I chose for August:


Novex Brazilian Keratin Conditioner: 3.5 oz. This stuff is so great- the best deep conditioner. It makes my hair super soft and doesn’t weigh it down. This is hefty sample size. I’ll be able to get 4-5 uses out of it, maybe more.

Caldrea Body Lotion (Coconut Fig Leaf): 1 foil packet. I got another scent of this lotion in a Birchbox a few months ago and loved it. This lotion is really hydrating but doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. I knew I wanted to cash in my Birchbox points to get a full size bottle but thought I may like this coconut fig scent better. Since the full size version is $22, I figured this was a good way to try it out before buying it. It smells sooooo good, I’m pretty much obsessed with this brand. It’s probably my favorite body lotion of all time.

nelsonj Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Moisturizing Healing Mask (Rosemary Mint scent): 1 use foil packet. I have been getting a lot of hair conditioners/deep treatment masks lately but they are so useful this time of year. I spend a lot of time in the sun at the beach and pool and my hair gets really dry in the summer. I’m also always on the look out for a new great conditioner. This one smells fabulous by the way!

enspri dual packet- Sheer Ceramide Serum & Beyond Moisturizer (anti-wrinkle & contains SPF). I chose this because it’s prefect for travel. I love face serum and it’s one of those items that can be difficult to travel with because when it leaks it’s a disaster. Instead of having to pack my full size bottle when travelling, this is perfect. It also helps to ensure my bag weighs less when I’m coming home with all of my souvenirs 🙂  I’ve come to love packing samples when I go on trips and trying new things out.

Phyto 5 Jojoba & Shea Butter Face Cream: small tube, probably 3-4 uses. I’ve gotten this in the past and liked it. It’s a nice rich moisturizer. Travel sizes are always good for me.

Vincent Longo Lip & Cheek Gel Stain (Cupid’s Breath): Small vial, probably 1/3 the size of full version, but a little goes a long way. (full size is $23) I picked this last month and loved it so much I wanted it in another color. I’m telling you, it is THE BEST lip/cheek stain I’ve ever used. I can put it on when I’m getting ready for work in the morning and my lips and cheeks are still completely colored by the time I get home at night. It’s amazing stuff- so long-lasting and natural looking without the drying effect you get from a lot of other stains. It’s prefect for a natural look.

Overall opinion: I’m a fan of Beauty Army. I’ve read about how others get annoyed by how the samples don’t change very frequently, but I think its really easy to get the samples to change if you follow my tips above. I’ve been subscribed to them for 3-4 months and have always had good luck. If you like having the ability to choose your own samples, then you should check out Beauty Army.

Do you subscribe to Beauty Army? What do you think?

Jules xo

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