August Beauty Picks


august beauty picks

I have an addiction to subscription beauty boxes, so each month I find myself with quite a few new products to try. Most of them I like, a few I give to friends, and hopefully there are a handful I find myself loving and working into my regular routine. Here are a few of my favorite items from the August boxes…

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1) Sweep Eyeshadow Palette in Neutrals ($20)  Julep Maven allows you to either be surprised with your monthly box or gives you the option to customize your box. They are mainly a nail polish subscription box company, but they also have make-up and a few beauty products. This month I decided I had enough nail polish and thought I’d try some of their make-up. I chose the a couple eyeliners and this neutral eye shadow palette because it looked like a nice collection of colors. Why I like it? It’s a great palette for fall- hints of shimmer and warm, rich colors. (my absolute favorite neutral matte palette is this) Who sent it? Julep Maven ($20/per month for 2-3 nail polishes or cosmetics)

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2) LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour ($18) At first glance I was nervous because, make no mistake- this thing is PURPLE. But I tried it anyway and was surprised at how much I actually ended up liking it. Why I like it? It doesn’t go on your lips as bright and shockingly purple as you’d think. It was silky smooth and glided right on…leaving a sheer, yet nicely pigmented berry color. This is actually a perfect example of why I love getting subscription boxes- this is a color I would have never picked out in a store, but now that I have tried it, I love it. You really have to get out of your comfort zone with beauty products sometimes. We all fall victim to using the same color/styles over and over…the best way to experiment with color is to let someone else do the work for you! You may find yourself surprised at what you like. And if you get something that’s not for you, pass it along to a girlfriend. Who sent it? Birchbox ($10/per month for 4-5 beauty/lifestyle samples)

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3) SMART fx Smart Eye Wrinkle Life ($60) Thanks to a couple not so great reviews from beauty bloggers, I was expecting to not like this eye cream at all once I saw the sneak peek for the Blush Mystery Beauty Box. Why I like it? This cream is supposed to tighten up your under eye skin, remove wrinkles, and reduce puffiness, all in 60 seconds. That’s a pretty hefty claim, so I was anxious to try it for myself. Most of the complaints had been about the drying effect it had underneath make-up, but it’s a tinted cream, so I don’t think you need make-up on top of it. Ironically, the morning I tried it had been a little rough thanks to a birthday party the night before where I overindulged a little on the best gin cocktails ever. Anyway, all I had on that morning was tinted moisturizer, so I dabbed a little on and by golly, the skin under my eyes really did tighten up. I liked the mild tingling sensation too- it didn’t irritate me and felt cooling and refreshing. I use it pretty often now, especially on weekend mornings when I’m not wearing much else. Who sent it? Blush Mystery Beauty Box ($25/per month for approx. 5-6 beauty items)

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4) Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream ($85) Always fun getting high-end products to try…especially when they are face creams. Why I like it? This day cream is thick and luxurious, yet absorbs so quickly onto your skin and isn’t at all greasy. It smells really nice and leaves your skin feeling really firm and soft. (also paraben-free) Who sent it? GlossyBox ($21/per month, but save more with multi-month/annual subscription. They send 4-5 high-end beauty/make-up products)



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