An Easy Way to Make Your Best Steak Yet

An Easy Way to Make Your Best Steak Yet

Want to know the secret to making an average steak utterly fantastic?
An Easy Way to Make Your Best Steak Yet

No need to go to a fancy steakhouse and pay top dollar, you can make juicy, moist, flavorful steak in the comfort of your own home…all you need is salt and a little time.

Sure, adding salt to steak isn’t mind blowing, you’re probably already doing it, but the key is in the timing. For every inch of thickness, salt for one hour. So, if you have a 3 inch cut of meat, let the salt sit for 3 hours. (not rocket science) You need to use sea salt or kosher salt, not table salt, and be generous with it. Don’t worry- you’re going to rinse it off prior to cooking, so don’t be concerned with actually eating all of that salt.

Thanks to my mom for sharing this recipe– she told me it would be some of the best steak we’ve ever had, and she was spot on. We grilled ribeyes Sunday night and my husband agreed that he’d never again make steaks any other way. It was so good and simple, right? It truly changes the texture/taste of the steak.

In the article, which came from, you’ll find more details and pictures and she explains the science behind it all. (which is actually quite interesting)

I am not usually a lover of ribeye steak, but man- they turned out wonderfully


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