Afternoon Tea at Ashes’ Boutique & Tea Garden

IMG_1507Groupon ever so kindly reminded me last week that I still had an unused coupon to Ashes’ Boutique & Tea Room in Jacksonville Beach. This is exactly why I love Groupon- I’ve lived in Jacksonville for over 12 years, yet had no idea this place even existed. Since it was supposed to rain all weekend, I thought afternoon tea was the perfect thing to do and (very) surprisingly, my husband agreed to accompany me.

Tucked into an old house, Ashes’ is a quaint little place with approximately 8-10 tables. It is frilly and feminine and exactly what you would expect a small tea room to look like- I giggled a little as my husband took in the lace tablecloths, floral arrangements and all the pink 🙂



For $18 per person, you can order the Tea for Two; pots of tea, a variety of finger sandwiches, fruit, and desserts. (our Groupon was essentially a BOGO) We also got the homemade tomato basil soup, which was served in tea cups and was delicious. For dessert, they brought out an arrangement of bite sized treats.









It was definitely a nostalgic experience for both of us; I lived in England for three years as a kid and developed a fondness for tea early on and my husband’s mom is from South Africa and he would drink tea with his grandma in the afternoon after getting home from school. He definitely relaxed a little when he saw another poor husband walking through the door with his wife…

All in all, we enjoyed it. The food was good- not amazing, but certainly not bad either. (sandwiches were cucumber & cream cheese, turkey, chicken salad, and pimiento) He had been travelling for work all week, so it was nice to spend a lazy Saturday catching up on the week’s events over some tea. (especially since I have months of beer, wings and football in my future)

It’s the perfect place for a ladies’ lunch when you’re looking for something new/different to do, or to bring your mother/mother-in-law to for an afternoon out. For moms, they have a Mommy and Me Tea. There was a table next to us with two moms and their little girls all dressed up with their baby dolls in tow. The girls kept saying how much fun a “real” tea party was 🙂

Ashes’ Boutique & Tea Garden in south Jacksonville Beach is worth a visit, but you’ll need to call ahead and make reservations.


Jules xo

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