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 Welcome! I’m Jules. Simply put, I live for the weekend. In 2014 I found myself craving a creative outlet, something to help me break free of the humdrum of office life, hence the creation of Savoring Saturdays. This little piece of the internet is where I share anything and everything that inspires me…food, beauty, décor, travel, books, to name a few. This blog is constantly evolving as am I 🙂

About me:

  • I love to travel. I have a firm belief that seeing the world makes us wiser, richer people. I regularly day-dream about winning the lottery and jet-setting to exotic locations
  • When you can’t travel? Read. There are endless adventures at your fingertips.
  • I am a military brat, currently living in North Florida. Ironically, I hate the heat. (but love the beach)
  • I’m happiest with a glass of wine in hand. Happier when there is cheese nearby.
  • I have a passion for loud music, cooking, entertaining, and drinking champagne and St. Germain. (I swear I did NOT try to make that rhyme! It just happened.)
  • I’m a happily married, list-making, audio-book junkie who wears a lot of black and believes in working hard and surrounding yourself with good people. (never underestimate the importance of that)

Contact Information:

I’d love to hear from you! You can also e-mail me at Jules@SavoringSaturdays.com







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