A Perfect Day

Yesterday was the kind of day that reminded me why I write a blog called Savoring Saturdays. We slept late, read in bed, then I made impromptu plans to meet a girlfriend for some shopping and lunch at Nordstrom. Coffee in hand, I headed out the door and was immediately smiling at how glorious the weather was. It was sunny, 65 degrees, the sky was clear and blue and there was a gentle, crisp breeze. Thanks to all the recent spring rain, everything is green again and starting to look lush. It was exactly the kind of day where you open your sunroof and turn up the music and you just feel so…content.  photo-1418848736484-c1da97034e1f

It was so nice to spend time chatting and leisurely browsing through all the pretty things. (easy to do at places like Anthropologie and Nordstrom) We drank bubbly, bought candles, jewelry, perfume- it was an all around girly day and it was utterly fantastic.

A few of my favorite things: Barr-Co and Capri Blue candles, Rifle Paper Company, gold studs, and delicate ring dishes
A few of my favorite things: Barr-Co and Capri Blue candles, Rifle Paper Company stationary, simple gold studs, and delicate ring dishes

Over a glass of wine at lunch we both agreed that some girl talk and retail therapy were exactly what we needed after a long work week. It seems crazy that a mall on a Saturday could be enjoyable and relaxing when you’re usually having to fight the crowds, but we lucked out…it was completely stress-free. And since it was an outdoor mall, we were still able to enjoy the lovely weather.


I had enough time for a nap (been about 3 years since that happened) and a bubble bath before the hubby and I headed out for dinner and a movie with some good friends. (Thai and Insurgent)

Shopping, good food, date night and hanging with friends. If only every Saturday could be so charming…

Today, it’s back to paying bills, grocery shopping, and tackling those piles of laundry…c’est la vie my friends.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend xo



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