A Bold Lip

Other than my 90’s love of Revlon’s “Rum Raisin” I stayed away from bold lip color and opted mainly for a nude lip.

A Bold Lip


 And I still love a good nude gloss, it has it’s time and place. But man do I love a bold lip these days. It can instantly dress up an outfit and bring some glamour to your look.
There are 4 categories/shades that I love:
    1. Fire engine red
    2. Fuchsia
    3. Brick red
    4. Punchy Coral/Pink

Obviously your skin tone, mood and personal preferences will determine what colors work for you and what you like, but my advice is to just play around with them- don’t be afraid! There are colors that I would have sworn I wouldn’t like that I now reach for regularly. (I’m looking at you fire engine red!)

Shades of Red


Here are some of my favorites- various formulas in both high-end and drug store versions.


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