12 Holiday Champagne Cocktails

Photo Credit: Kirsten Strecker
bever_01367_xl Photo Credit: Kirsten Strecker

One of the things I love the most about Europeans is their willingness to drink bubbles any old day of the week. In fact, in many parts of Europe pouring a glass of champagne before dinner or when entertaining guests is a very common occurrence. Americans on the other hand have historically viewed bubbly as something you reserve for New Year’s Eve or during a toast when celebrating special occasions. (insert frowning face here) Thankfully, it seems the past couple of years have brought about a revival in terms of bubbles here in the US, and more restaurants and bars have champagne/prosecco cocktails on their menus. I for one, will toast to that.

Alas, there is no need to wait for New Year’s Eve to break out the flutes- Martha Stewart has put together 12 holiday champagne cocktails that YOU should be serving at your next holiday get together. There are so many fun herbs and fruits of the season to incorporate into your cocktails, and once you realize how fabulous they are and how much your guests enjoy them, you can serve them any time of year for any dinner party. Or, just on a Tuesday night. Don’t worry- we won’t judge 😉

Not sure what kind of bubbly you like or what you should serve? Cava? Champagne? Prosecco? The choices are endless and you can find something at pretty much any price point. (find help here and here)



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