My Long Flight Essentials

Happy hump day! We are heading out soon for our trip to Italy and I’ve been busy packing my favorite carry-on with all of my long flight essentials. (seriously- the organization in this bag is crazy)

Bon Voyage

I’ve got a couple of books for the trip but am hoping to finish Into the Water on the plane. Have you guys read it yet? So far I don’t think it is as good as The Girl on the Train, but I’m still only a quarter of the way through. I will let you know.

I’ve talked before about how seriously I take my carry-on packing. 🙂 When you’re stuck on a plane or in an airport for any number of hours, keeping yourself entertained is key. Since we’ve got 20+ hours of flight time roundtrip, I’ve downloaded a couple of movies on my iPad and 2 seasons of Breaking Bad. I know, I know, I may be the last person in America to watch the show. And of course my noise-cancelling headphones.

I packed a few durable snacks, my cozy socks, a scarf to keep me warm, an eye mask, lavender essential oil for my wrists and these eye patches. I have actually seen people wear full sheet-masks on flights, and I applaud their don’t give a sh*t attitude, but I’m just not that brave. We’ll be landing in Rome early in the morning and will have to hit the ground running, so I figured an eye mask won’t hurt to combat the puffiness and dryness that come with flying.

Oh- and I have Uno for all of our train rides (much to my travel companions dismay!)

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